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Pregnancy reflexology in Nailsworth, Stroud


Clinical trials have proven that a course of reflexology leading up to birth can:

A) shorten the length of stage one labour, and

B) reduce the amount of pain relief required.


Maternity reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing therapy to have during pregnancy. Your body is working hard to create new life and deserves a little support along the way.

Maternity reflexology can help with anxiety, fatigue, poor sleep, swollen ankles, morning sickness, pelvic girdle pain, Hyperemesis Gravidarum, breech babies, birth preparation and even labour pain. 

You're welcome to bring along a peaceful playlist or hypnobirthing soundtrack, plus a diffuser oil of choice. I have a range of suitable diffuser oils such as Lavendar, Tisserands 'Sleep Better' and 'Total De Stress', plus Clary Sage for when you're 37+ weeks pregnant.

"At 40 weeks pregnant, Rose's healing hands were so therapeutic and relaxing. I really appreciated how accommodating she was and well informed about reflexology and pregnancy. I would highly recommend!"

"I had reflexology with Rose at 38 weeks. I had originally booked 3 sessions close together as Rose advised this would be best to gain the possible benefits of shorter less painful labour. My first session was on the Tuesday & second on the Thursday. I started getting stronger braxton hicks & mire period pains after each reflexology session and I went in to labour on the Monday morning at 38+5!!


Firstly, what a relaxing treatment, at 38 weeks pregnant my feet were slightly swollen & achey. Each treatment sent me into a doze, Rose’s treatment room is stunning overlooking fields from the chair & I felt so relaxed! Secondly, my labour was so short and I didn’t have any pain relief until I got to 10cm dilated and even then I just had gas and air to take the edge of.


I would highly recommend Rose for reflexology sessions leading up to your birth, I strongly believe reflexology helped to shorten my labour & I’m really looking forward to using my final session to relax in a couple of months time- thank you Rose!

Recommended Doula, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher and NCT Antenatal Teacher 

Meet Gillian Holmes

After qualifying as a National Childbirth Trust (NCT) Antenatal Teacher in 2008 Gillian took further training in Yoga for Pregnancy and Mother & Baby Yoga. She now teaches yoga and antenatal courses; and since training with Nurturing Birth in 2018 has loved working as a Birth and Postnatal Doula. Gillian has three children and lives in Stroud with her husband and scruffy rescue dog Steppi.

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Gillian Holmes is a pregnancy for yoga teacher & NCT teacher.
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